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June in Seattle - Installment 1, Linda Hodges

It has been a incredibly busy month or so. When I am not doing art, I am a public school teacher and this spring seemed like the time to move to a different district and get a fresh change of scenery. A lot of work filling out applications, interviewing and such in a very short window of time.

Anyway, I still found time to hit the first Thursday art walk.

Linda Hodges has a great Gaylen Hansen retrospective (?) this month! The show titled Galen Hansen Rides Again, includes most of the themes we're used to seeing from this Northwest icon. Trout and the Kernal. The whole gallery including upstairs is full of Hansen's work and there are a few pieces, like the drawing below (Three Fishes) that you don't get to see too often. Certainly it is worth a closer look.

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