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Seeing Nature at SAM

I made it to Seeing Nature at the Seattle Art Museum before the show recently closed. The exhibition was a collection of landscape related pieces from the Paul Allen Family collection. It was quite a show!

I did not know that the Allen's have such an extensive collection in this genre, though it is no surprise. Here's a nice Monet.

I don't think that I've ever seen a Klimt in person. This was displayed in a low light area, it really is far more red in brighter light. There was a great video presentation in one of the galleries concerning the conservation of these works.

A Thomas Hart Benton. You don't see these too often. I believe that this is a late work.

A wonderful piece by Arthur Wesley Dow.

My favorite in the exhibition was this one by Ed Ruscha.

David Hockney's Grand Canyon was the highlight of the show for many. Of sizable scale, probably 6' x 24'.

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