A Visit to the Claremont Art Museum

Curing my last trip to Southern California I made a point to see the new Claremont Art Museum. It is a new location in the old train depot in the south end of the village.

As you can see it is a gorgeous historical building, and it is equally beautiful inside as well. (I didn't take any pictures...this one is from the CAM site)

The current exhibition is titled Tree Speak: Interpretation of the Rustlings and includes works by Claremont area artists including friends of mine Steve Comba and Chris Toovey.

Here is Steve's contribution to the show - Talbots Oak.

The exhibition is as much a historical account of the area's arborist heritage as it is an art exhibition. There are time lines and accounts of plantings and the results with repercussions of some perhaps ill advised ideas.

One of Cris Toovey's works as well.

The Museum is a work in progress, as the space is on the small side. There are plans to expand more exhibition areas into other parts of the depot, so I'm sure any contributions would be greatly accepted.

A link to the show is here.

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