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Chris Burden at the LACMA

One can't enter the LACMA without being confronted by Chris Burden's Urban Light from 2008. Wow, 2008, It has been that long since I've visited the LACMA! Since this museum was so accessible to me during the 1980's, it's collections have had their impact on me. There is so much here that is new to me. It is great to see that his work is now recognized there on such a grand scale. Not so much during the 80's.

Nice to see the local visitors interacting with it.

Inside the contemporary wing is Burden's Metropolis II from 2011 which is a kinesthetic racetrack of a sculpture. This thing is huge and can amuse you for hours. I've always enjoyed the playful and tinkering aspect of his work such as this.

Here is a Youtube video of it running (not my own).

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