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Pioneer Square January 2017

At Greg Kucera Gallery is Juventino Aranda with a variety of paintings and sculptures. I do not know much about him, but he is a young up and coming artist from the Walla Walla area if I am not mistaken. His website is here.

The exhibition is titled, Weed the Lawn and Feed the Roses. This is, WE SHALL MEET IN THE PLACE WHERE THERE IS NO DARKNESS (JAGUAR), 2016 Bronze, black cotton velveteen, Mouliné stranded cotton, corrugated cardboard frame.

I especially enjoyed this Rothko inspired piece ABOVE AND BEYOND WITH REASONABLE DOUBT (GRANDCANYON), painted on a Pendleton Blanket.

Stephanie Hargrave's Biota is at Shift Gallery this month. A nice body of work. Her website can be found here.

I'm not sure of the title of this one. They are done in encaustic.

This is the Noctum Series at Foster White Gallery by MikIe Rediske. Nicely worked surfaces!

These ceramic "dresses" were at Foster White Gallery by George Rodriguez.

This driftwood sculpture at the Core Gallery. Meticulously put together.

Once again , good winter shows in Pioneer Square. Worth the trip downtown!

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