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Museum of Pop Culture

I ended 2016 with a couple of museum trips. The first of which was to the Museum of Pop Culture or the ex-EMP. We went down there mostly to see the Star Trek exhibit, with screen used costumes, models and props from the various TV shows and movies.

On an art note, there was the WOW show or world of wearable art exhibit. Apparently this is a once a year competition that takes place in Australia.

A lot of fun and whimsical pieces. I enjoyed the videos of the event. They seemed like quality performance pieces compared to what I'd think of a fashion show. Maybe not worth a trip only to see this, but combined with the other exhibits it was worth the time to peak at it.

Latex dress

A new meaning to "flying buttress?

Rear of a crustacean inspired costume.

This one had a horse head.

1950 automotive inspired creation.

Some nice wood work here.

Front of the crustacean.

Front of the cathedral, I believe it was constructed of wood and felt.

Rear of the earlier piece. The mechanism moves

Inspired by a leather suitcase.

This one was of tattoo themes.

A different wood constructed dress.

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