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Artwalk November Installment 4

Tintype Photography! I've been to a lot of first Thursday artwalks, but somehow I never visited a hallway in what I believe is the "57 Biscayne Building, near the Soil Gallery. Anyway, I made a diversion down this narrow hallway for the first time and saw a nice old copy camera (below) off in a very small space to my right, but continued on. This is a tintype photo of the camera I saw.

When I returned back on my way out I caught a whiff of some chemicals and found a darkroom and a few people developing tintype photographs. I then noticed a couple of daguerreotypes displayed on the wall (below). A daguerreotype is an image created on a piece of polished silver (plate).

It was exciting to see the tintype process in action. A tintype is a photograph on a sheet of metal, then coated with a light sensitive emulsion, placed into the camera, exposed and developed. It is very immediate, much like a Polaroid.

I believe the name of the studio is Henrietta's Eye, here is a link to their website. Stop by on a first Thursday when they are in action.

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