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Artwalk November Installment 3

I can't believe that November has gone by so fast and I'm still writing about this month's artwalk so late, less than a week before we do it again.

At Greg Kucera, Seattle artist Mark Calderon, has a series of cutouts and sculptures. This one is titled: FIGHTER (Orange), 2016 Dyed industrial felt. A number of the pieces have a boxing and Muhammed Ali theme.

This piece is from Show of Hands titled: MANUS (Protective), 2016 and is constructed from mica. Mark always produces provocative and intriguing work. Take a look if you have time. It is a two monh show so it closes just before Christmas. Here is a link to the Kucera site and show

I was not familiar with Jeffery Simmons watercolors before seeing this show. I probably should be as he's been around Seattle for some time. These are meticulously painted and involve what appears to be some laser cutting of the paper. The painting above is MARS RESONATOR I, 2016, watercolor on paper.

This is LARGER LIGHT TRAP I, 2015, watercolor on paper. These interact with the lighting in the gallery to create interesting lighting and perceptional effects. His website can be found here.

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