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October Art Report -1

A lot going on in the area for the month of October. Here's installment 1.

Artwalk. I thought that the best work of the month was at the 110 Gallery. Michael Abraham's work is fun and engaging. The man can paint, and has a wicked sense of humor and creativity. The show is title: Naughty

This is "Trump" from 2016. I'm not sure if that is a self portrait as a pantomime or clown in the background. A fun painting from a Canadian artist.

Power Couple from 2012. Wonderfully painted. Technically brilliant.

Hope and Punches from 2014. These are fun works and worth the visit.

Don't ignore the series of portraits by Canadian artist David Haughton. Bad Guys is a series of mug shot style portraits expertly painted as well. This is: "Mug Shot X - Concerned Citizen"

The 110 Gallery is located at: 110 3rd Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98104

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