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Art Fair Report 4

I thought I'd show a few odds and ends for the Seattle art Fair at the beginning of the month.

This gives you an idea of the booth set up if you were not able to attend.

Mark Ryden work is always popular. He had a few pieces at the Paul Kasmin Gallery. This is Chroma Structure 113, 2015.

Also from the Paul Kasmin Gallery were some works by Roxy Paine. This one is Speech Impediment no 2, from this year. Poor photo here, but it is an expertly carved sculpture.

Another Roxy Pain piece titled "Experiment". This is an expertly carved, assembled and lighted sculpture of a room in forced perspective. A great work that garnered a lot of attention.

Here is a shot at an angle to show the distortion of the objects to work the perspective.

One more piece to fool your eyes. This is more or less a set of stretchers with a black canvas stretched across it. The white are halftone dots that are cut out of the surface revealing the white wall behind. This was at the Ryan Lee Gallery and the work is by Anne-Karin Furunes, titled, Chroma Structure 113, 2015.

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