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August Artwalk and Seattle Art Fair Entry 1

There was a lot of art activity last week in the Seattle area. The 2nd Seattle Art Fair coincided with the traditional first Thursday night art walk. I think I'll break these into a number of entries to attend to at my leisure.

Greg Kucera Galley

I was curious as to what would be going on at the Kucera Gallery during the art walk, since he is so involved with the Seattle Art Fair. This month one of the featured artists is Margie Livingston. The exhibit is titled, "Too soon for Hindsight". The image included is titled, "Body of work". It consists of traditional canvas stretchers attached together with 2" x 2'" wood and house framing brackets. However, the most interesting feature is the materials of the "canvas", which is not canvas at all, it seems to be cast latex or acrylic paint that has been tacked to the stretchers.

The exhibit includes more thought provoking works that are mostly a combination of cast(?) acrylic paint assembled on to stretchers, wire mesh structures or draped in various configurations.

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