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Art Walk Seattle - June 2016 - Kucera Gallery

I managed to get down to Pioneer Square for the June Art Walk. I haven't been able to attend any of these for a few months.

Greg Kucera Gallery had Sheri Markowitz's new work. It consisted of her familiar beaded sculptures, however, these didn't appear to have the "taxidermy" kind of forms I'm familiar with. They took on many different shapes and looks. I must admit I have not seen her work for some time, so these may not a new thing.

Also included were a number of paintings that completed a sort of dog theme for the show.

A variety of sculptures with a pug painting in the background.

Chris Bruch who recently had a large showing at the Frye Art Museum had a few sculptures in the back gallery. Some had been included at the Frye, but this piece (Vale) caught my eye. I missed last month's walk and shows so apparently this was included during his May show.

Any, great work at Kucera as usual and always worth the trip.

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