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Dan Douke - Artist

I perhaps saw this piece, or a similar one at Tortue Gallery in around 1985. I was mesmerized by the detail and technical execution. These were large canvases that appeared to be thick pieces of rusted steel. It looked like someone had taken a cutting torch to a ship yard and cut out sections of hulls to display. To this day I an astounded at the realism. How did he get the knap of the canvas to fill and disappear? Obviously the pieces had a profound impact on me and influence my work to this day.

He is a photo of Dan, I do not know him personally. He is a highly respected member of the faculty at Cal State Los Angeles.

I lost track of what he was doing in the 1990s, but he is an example. This is not a cardboard iMac box, but a painted canvas over a wooden frame! I believe this is from 1999.

Gallerist Peter Mendenhall holds the back side of "Vel" by Daniel Douke. "The artist always leaves the back of his sculptural paintings exposed to reveal the process," said Mendenhall. Douke considers himself a painter even though his work is three-dimensional, said Mendenhall. (from Hamotons Art Hub)

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