Opening at Columbia City Gallery

The opening for the Crave show at the Columbia City Gallery ( had a fantastic turn out! I had a wonderful time meeting new artists and old friends. The show is the once a year non-member group show at this venue. My cell phone pictures are not of particularly good quality, but they'll give an idea of the space. The show is up until November 15th

One of my favorite pieces in the show was the canvas of an oyster on a half shell you see to the right.

As you can see by the varied light shining through the front windows, it was a brilliant evening in Seattle and a little difficult to see the work in the show for the first hour or so.

This is a poor image of a nice cyanotype work. A cyanotype is a non-silver photography process, similar to blueprinting.

My daughter admiring my work in the bright sunlight.

The artwork used for the postcard was this cast(?) paper piece by Claire B. Jones.

This is Post Appocolyptic Tower with Candy Corn by Lars Husby. Lars is currently my son's ceramics professor at Bellevue College and is a contemporary of John Fassbender who was my first ceramics professor at Pomona College.

While this looks like a traditional field painting, it is actually patinal on a copper plate. The patterns and color is created throght an electrolysis process in a salt bath.

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