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Seattle Art Fair 2018 - Report 1

August is always a busy art month and most of it happens in the first week or so. I did make it to the 2018 Seattle Art Fair in the Century link Exhibition Center. I missed out on last year's event.

This year's edition, though pretty good, did not hold up to the 2016 show, which I thought was better. The event has always been worth the visit and twenty some odd dollar admission. I thought that there were more "historic" work at earlier additions. Then again, if you want museum work, go to a museum. Above is a lithograph by Ed Ruscha, Sponge Puddle, I can't recall which booth it was featured.

One of the features in the Seattle Times was the mentions of these Puppets titled, Here come the Boren Sisters, they were created by the artist Wayne White. Apparently he has worked in Hollywood, creating many of the props for Pee-Wee's Playhouse. Here's a link to the article.

Josh Liner Gallery from New York had the moquettes for them on display.

I enjoyed these watercolors (I believe) of tanker ships.

I think there has been a Louise Nevelson at each of the previous Seattle Art Fairs. Here is the 2018 edition. More to come...

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