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Art Fair Report 2

One observation I made from the Seattle Art Fair was that Pop Art, or collecting authentic Pop art seems to have made a resurgence as I saw a number of pieces present. One of my favorites, Californian Ed Ruscha's work was present in a number of booths.

Above are a couple of Ruscha's works, which are gunpowder and graphite on paper.

A lot of predictable Warhol prints and paintings were abundant, but I saw these two pieces I think were from the 50's, that you don't see everyday in person.

Here is a small Lichtenstein sculpture from 1967 I saw at the ACA Galleries of New York booth. I didn't realize he made 3-d works in the 60's.

Pop Art works from Rosenquist, and a number of small Wesselmans were present, but I neglected to take any pictures. Is this Pop Art observation a trend?

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