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Back from Europe

I spent the last two weeks in Cornwall England and Amsterdam Netherlands. I drove this Citroen Picasso approximately 1200 miles throughout the trip. Driving "opposite", that is the "wrong" side of the road" and reversed drivers side was an adventure. Getting around corners and making sure I didn't get confused and go the wrong way was not so bad, but I really struggled for a while by drifting to the left side of the lane. This was compounded with very narrow lanes and roads. I was quite relieved when this leg of the journey was complete!

We did see some sites! We stayed in St. Mawes, which is on the west coast of Great Britain. Here is the

view from the "Pirate Cottage" that we rented. A quaint town with a fishing fleet.

We ventured to nearby Falmouth and visited the Pendennis Castle. Quite a history there. I was constructed in the 1500s and was used all the way through World War II.

There was a gallery there that was featuring political cartoons by George Butterworth. Interesting images from historic times. More to come soon!

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