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Gary Geraths Artist

I thought that I would highlight an artist and friend that I went to graduate school with - Gary Geraths. Gary primarily draws, but also does a fair amount of plein air painting as well. He currently teaches at Otis Parson College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.

One of his claims to fame is being a courtroom artist for the OJ Simpson trial during the 1990s. Gary also consulted on the film, "Art School Confidential"

As you can see to the left he has also published a fine reference book for drawing animals. Drawing animals is an important part of the foundation of his drawing classes at Otis and he can be found often at the LA zoo with his classes on sunny weekends.

Below is an example of one of Gary's small goauche plein air paintings.

His website is at: http://www.garygerathsart.

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