Robert Helm Artist

Another artist I've looked at and has influenced my work is the late Robert Helm. I first became aware of his work in around 1988 or so. I took a trip back east to Washington DC and visited many museums and galleries.

When I toured the Hirshorn Museum I came across an exhibit title, "Different Drummers". It was an exhibit of out of the mainstream artists. Richard Saul and Luis Jimenez and Alfred Jensen were a few of the other artists included.

I had never heard of Richard Helm or seen his work at that time. I was struck by the craftmanship and enigma of the subject matter. I was quite surprised that he was in my backyard in Eastern Washington and taught at WSU. Further investigation revealed that he appaeared to be a close aquaintance of the Keinholtz's who lived in nearby Idaho.

Anyway, throughtout the years I've kept my eyes open for exhibitions of his work and was rewarded when he had a show at the Tacoma Art Museum in 1995 and a few pieces occassionally turning up in galleries in Seattle over the years.

Robert passed away in 2008. Here is a link to the Seattle Times Obituary:

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