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Backlit Paintings - Robin Eley

I saw this portrait at the Seattle Art Fair this past August and thought I'd highlight it sometime.

This is a new and fresh take on an old and I believe over used technique of backlighting photographs and/or paintings. In general, I've really never been terribly impressed with the light-box technique as many look too much like a piece of advertising such as a point of purchase display.

Robin's portraits were a pleasant surprise and a break away from this cliche. This piece is title "Flux" and was completed this year. It is a skillfully completed portrait approximately 5 x 6 1/2 feet in scale and is executed in oil on aluminum panel, plexiglass, and lumisheet.

On the upper image you can see it unlit, and on the lower a series of illuminated lines creating a geometric mesh to compliment the image. The lumisheet seems to be some sort of LCD like material that lights up and was on a timer or some other type of device to trigger its action.

These were included at the 101/Exhibit space that I believe is located in Los Angeles.

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