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Pioneer Square Artwalk - August 2015

This month's artwalk had some highlights worth mentioning

Artifact Gallery had an installation of automotive pieces, all of which seemed to be panels from mid 1970's Pontiac Firebirds. Fueled Spirit is a show by Seattle artist Duffyleg. Pictured is a photo of a 1:1 scale model car kit. The concept is kind of fun, but I've seen it before (try the horror section of the EMP). Still it is worth seeing and I especially like the Firebird hoods all of which include the original logo that has somehow been reinterpreted - patterns, paint, even neon. The one real down side of the opening was that the clear coat on the panels was still flash curing causing a strong smell of solvents to be throughout the gallery. I couldn't deal with it for more than maybe 5 minutes. I had a headache the rest of the night. Being a week and a half later, I'd suspect that it would be fine by now.

Linda Hodges Gallery hung a show titled: On the Road which featured automotive work as well. These seem to be tributes to everyday drivers, cars that have been around. On the left is a piece by Rachel Maxi. This like all of the work in the show is really well executed. A lot of nice work here!

The opening had cello music. In the background are two of Jeff Scott's paintings.

Here is a detail of a couple more of his works

Greg Kucera Gallery's show for August is I Made This, which is an exhibition of self-taught artists including Grandma Moses. There is plenty to see here and worth the visit. I especially like a number of the drawings by Gregory Blackstock. You can see a couple in the photo to the left.

A Grandma Moses needlework landscape is a highlight of the show.

A number of stunning quilts by Loretta Bennett are included as well. Once again, there is some great work to see in downtown Seattle currently and it would be a great way to spend a weekend afternoon. Do it!

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