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Seattle Art Fair - Another Entry

One of the personal highlights for me was seeing this piece by Northwest artist Marie Watt at the PDX Contemporary Gallery Booth.

This is a bronze casting that stands around 10 feet high and is composed of small portions of blankets that have been folded and stacked. Marie draws from her Native American heritage and other references to create her work.

I saw a full sized piece of Marie's at the Seattle Art Museum a few years back - perhaps during the Picasso show. A stack of blankets of well over ten feet tall was enclosed in an acrylic case .I viewed the piece saw the name and paused since it sounded familiar but could not place it.

A few minutes later we went down one more floor and my children were involved in a workshop hosted by an artist. When I arrived it turns out that it was Marie. When I met her we both had that "I know you from somewhere look". After some discussion it turns out that I had coached her in both the sports of track and field and cross country while she was a student at Redmond High School in the Seattle area.

Marie has done quite well for herself! She shows at the Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle as well.

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