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Blog/Diary Update

I have stated multiple times that this blog should be considered more of a diary of sorts and I'm just kind of sharing my thoughts. It is meant to be casual. It's not like I'm out for a Pulitzer here.

I recently had someone contact me about one of my blog posts, in fact they are perhaps interested in purchasing a piece. Anyway, I went back to the blog post and read it and was horrified to see all of the typos and some very awkwardly worded sentences I had left there. That spurred me to check other entries and I found that I was in fact pretty casual, well too casual with my writing and most importantly proofing. Actually I'll cut myself at least a little slack and state that the version of the blog software from Wix where I host my site did not have a spell checker until I upgraded a short time ago. I've gone back and checked every entry, all 451 for glaring errors and corrected them. Some posts were well written and others just plain average. I have learned the lesson to slow down a bit and make sure I at least take the time to make them readable.

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