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Another Set of Multiples Completed

I completed the Prominent multiple a while back and I had a recent incident where a customer thought they were purchasing an original an it was in fact a multiple from of Faithful. After purchasing the piece they found that it was a multiple by either checking this blog or Instagram site. I'm not sure where the confusion occurred, it could have been me not reading the entry standards of that particular exhibition thoroughly enough. So I want to take some time to list any multiples on this site so there is no confusion. All should be signed and numbered appropriately. I will add a tab to the full website devoted to multiples soon as well.

Prominent is a set of multiples of 3. It is acrylic on wood and 1 1/4" x 5" x 7".

Here's what the back of the piece looks like. I hadn't signed it yet. I "editioned" it as 3 of 3 rather that the 3/3 notation I have done before. As of this writing, two are at galleries and this particular example just sold.

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