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Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair

This week had originally been envisioned as a frantic build up to the 2020 Seattle Art Fair which was to have taken place starting tonight. My work was to be included into a booth with the Lynn Hanson Gallery. The lead up to the show during this spring was nerve wracking as my emotions were swaying back and forth about whether the show should happen or not. There was to be a substantial financial commitment and I was afraid if the fair happened, there would be a scant turnout. In the end, the correct choice was made to cancel the fair for this year.

Just recently a web site was put up to fill in the gap missing from the fair. Apparently some of the galleries involved with the Seattle Art Fair bounced the idea around of a virtual happening in its place. Approximately 40 art galleries are represented with 18 of them residing in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle.

Visit the Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair at:

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