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Periodic (ts'at'aan) Completed

I just finished this piece recently. Titled, Periodic (ts'at'aan), it is acrylic on wood and is 2" x 14 1/2" x 16. A new experiment here: first, if you look in the background of the piece you can see a gold iridescent pattern. I laser cut a radial pattern from some card stock and airbrushed some iridescent gold on my traditional background. I then clear coated it a few times. The result is an almost hologram like effect with the gold. I'll need to pursue this further.

It is a little difficult to read the plaques on the work. The top reads Periodic and the bottom reads (ts'at'aan). Periodic alludes to the cyclical nature of salmon and ts'at'aan is the Tlingit word for Pink Salmon.

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