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Venice Biennale Report 3

One of the fun parts of being in Venice is just wandering. On one such occasion we stumbled upon the Iranian Pavilion while out and about. Well I thought this to be the main Iranian location,but it was in fact an additional exhibition sponsored by the Parasol unit of London.The Spark is You, is sponsored by the UK-based Iran Heritage Foundation and Iran Society. It appeared to be an official biennale event, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

I do know it was difficult for the Iranian artists to get their work to Venice after sanctions were imposed by the United States with Iran in 2018.

Sehand Hesamiyan - Forough displayed in a 17th-Century music school courtyard. (Conservatorio di Musica Benedetto Marcello di Venezia)

The juxtaposition of these large David Nuur's waterproof "canvases" The Turners in the adjoining courtyard was dramatic. The contrast of the modern and antique showed up time and time again at many of these satellite locations.

Nazgol Ansarinia’s ‘Article 44, Pillars’ (2016)

Koushna Navabi, Biskweet-e Mādar (Mother Biscuit, 2019)

Here a closeup shows the painstaking embroidery technique utilized in the piece. The adjoining "biscuits" I believe were cast concrete. Apparently Mother Biscuits are a traditional family brand in Iran.

Becoming by Morteza Ahmadvand.

This displays part of the interior setting of the exhibition. Similar with the exterior or courtyard installations, the interior of the music conservatory appears from the 17th century. This and many of the other venues had faux painted wall and ceilings that added to the power of the works impact.

A well written more in-depth account can be found here at KayhanLife

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