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"New" Piece Underway

I've had a number of frames sitting around the studio for some time, waiting for the inspiration or impetus to finish them. I have a squid based piece well on its way.

Here's the vector file for cutting on the laser. The odd colors are just for organizational purposes.

The existing frame had not progressed as I had planned, perhaps that is why I set it aside for a while. I stripped and sanded the existing paint and put dow a base coat of brown. I've cut out the squid on the laser cutter as well.

I've recently been using an undercoat of silver on a lot of my pieces and spraying transparent coats of varying color over it. This gives it a "candy apple" feel. I like a bit of the reflection of the silver to show through. Here I'm painting the final touches onto the squid.

More to come soon!

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