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Artwalk October 2018 - Treason Gallery

The Art Walk this month as a personal reunion of sorts as I met a number of people I had not seen in years. Ron Adams was one of my teaching mentors when I student taught at Mercer Island High School in 1991. It certainly was a pleasure to reconnect with him. I ran into him at Greg Kucera Gallery and he told me to hit the Treason Gallery to see the work of a former student of his.

I was not disappointed as the artist this month is Mary Iverson. I've seen her work I think at the SAM Gallery, maybe COCA, and I know I had seen her Posters for the People, an art collaboration with the Seattle Sounders Soccer Club.

Anyway, I did see a fine show! Somehow, though Treason Gallery had be recommended to me, I never had visited the space before. Shame on me. A top notch facility and great history of shows and artists can be found on their website.

Confluence is a stunning body of work created by Iverson, who teaches at Skagit Valley College. The theme deals with environmental issues we currently face. Expertly painted with oils, landscapes are then embellished with scribed lines using an x-acto knife. I can't imagine the nerve it would take to complete this. One slip and hour upon hour of painting is ruined. The recurring images of cargo containers and container ships occupy spaces in this grid. Worth a stop if you're in the area.

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