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"Epic" Battle on Thursday

This from Spike Mafford concerning his father's 3 gallery opening on Thursday April 5th:

The Epic Works Project is excited to announce a major work of street theatre in collaboration with Michael C. Spafford's 3 gallery exhibition. First Thursday, April 5th, 2018, the Seattle Sounders will join forces with the Seattle Seahawks to stage a mock battle between the ancient Greeks and Trojan. Complete with a full size replica designed by Carl Smool, this ballet, directed by Jeffry Mitchell, will unfold in the middle of Occidental Square, during the First Thursday Artwork. Sponsored in part by the Paul G. Allen Visual Artist Grant, 4Culture, Artist Trust, Office of Arts and Cultural and the WA State House of Representatives, this Epic performance will unfold throughout the evening. Look to the South for the grand entrance of the Trojan Horse at 6:47PM. This is a First Thursday not to be missed!

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