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Slowly Making Progress on a New Piece (Laser resolution issue)

Yet to be titled, I've been plugging away on this piece.

I've had this started for a few months now, and finally got around to engraving the background with a "cloud" pattern.I had a couple of attempts that were too rastered, which was unusual since this was designed in Illustrator, I checked the export settings and made sure that they were adequate. The problem was in the exporting from Inkscape to LaserDRW. I kept getting an error about scripts and the resolution would default to 96 DPi, which after trying once was way too large. The solution was exporting the file in the older version of LaserDRW when prompted.

Here is the piece removed. 20% power and 300 mm per minute for the settings. I have since bumped the rate to 500 mm per minute.

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