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K40 Laser - Entry 14: Mystery Solved!

This was the culprit. The Water-Break Protection system indeed was the issue. This wire plugs into the motherboard and the black box on the left is some sort of magnet. I'm not sure if this is the problem, or the baffle in the water line unit.

It was suggested that I create jumper for the plug involved, but I opted to purchase one at a local electronics store. I decide to stop by Vetco Electronics on Northup Way in Bellevue. Back in my RC hydroplane racing days I would periodically stop by for parts. It is refreshing to see them still in business, not swallowed by the big box stores or internet. They were quite pleasant and helpful. Highly recommended.

Anyway, this workaround was successful and I am back in business. I like the idea of a Water-Break Protection feature and will see if I can repair what I have or replace it. There seems to be some adjustment screws on the outside of the unit with slots rather than regular holes, so perhaps there is an adjustment factor to consider.

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