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K40 Laser - Entry 13: Mystery Issue

So I've been feverishly working on the new exhaust system (post coming soon!) and set out yesterday to give it a test. The only problem is that the laser will not fire on command. Some deduction and testing shows that the CO2 tube is sound, and the power supply seems to be working as well, so that is the good news, two of the most expensive components seem to be functioning properly. But still it will not fired the tube through the controller.

There are some great K40 users groups online (Thanks K40 Google Community). Hopefully this is the culprit, it is the Water-Break Detector. The laser tube must be cooled or it gets hot in a hurry and will fail, and this is a device that shuts off the laser if no water is flowing. The problem is that water is in fact flowing so perhaps this device is defective or has failed. I bought this model since this option was included.

Poor image here, but the black wires running from the left are from the water-break detector to the motherboard power supply. I'll create or find a jumper device to see it this is the issue. If it is not, I'm not sure what the answer is. I think that it will be difficult to find a replacement water-break unit, but the part is not necessary to use the laser, and I'll be able to cut and engrave without it. I just need to be sure the cooling system is functioning each time I use it (I do that anyway). I'd prefer to have a detection of some sort, but I'd have time to search one out. Anyway, I hope all goes well.

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