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Darlene Campbell at Prographica Seattle

I was pleasantly surprised to find these wonderful paintings by Darlene Campbell at the Prographica Gallery in Pioneer Square last night. I received my MFA along with Darlene from The Claremont Graduate University way back in 1986.

Darlene's work tends to be of somewhat stark Southern California architecture (homes) and landscapes.

I hadn't seen the gold leaf details incorporated before.

Like her earlier work, he style is meticulously done. I didn't even need to read the name tag, I was pretty sure that these were her's from the first glance.

This is apparently a piece for a themed show and a bit out of the norm for Darlene I think. The image is I believe Patrick Henry wearing a pink pussy hat. I was fortunate to speak with the owner of the gallery, Eleana Del Rio and she explained that this is a piece from the "Liberty" show (Koplin Del Rio Link). This also helped me understand the mystery appearance (at least for me) of the Prographica/KDR Gallery in the Davidson space. Somehow, the Koplin Del Rio Gallery moved from California to share the space (within Davidson) with Prographica, hence the name Prographica/KDR.

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