Intimate Impressionism an SAM

January 6, 2016


I finally found time to get down to the SAM to view the Intimate Impressionsim exhibition.  What a wonderful treat!  The show consists of smaller, "residence" size works by the impressionist masters.  The work is from the National Gallery of Art. Apparently there is some renovation going on in Washington DC and the works would need to go to storage. Instead the works have been place on tour and we are fortunate to have them here in Seattle until the end of the week (January 10).


A visit is a must if you have not done so already!


















This Gauguin self portrait was probably my favorite of the show. I actually recall seeing it way back in 1987 when I had a chance trip to Washington DC.


























A Cezanne still life






















A Van Gogh that looks a little out of style compared to what we typically think of.























A very small Degas, probably 6" x 8".






























There were a couple of stunning landscapes by Odilon Redon.  I'm not really familiar with the artist but did enjoy their work.



























Bastille Day by Pierre Bonnard.





































Berthe Morisot

































Actually, I'm not sure who painted this striking portrait, but it was on my top favorites of the show.

























Here is a link to the SAM page for this show:




























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