April 30, 2020

On the basement floor of the Gallerie dell' Accademia in Venice are some enormous stone toes.

I don't know where it is from or any details. The Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice doesn't seem to post anything about its collections. I''m curious as to where this came from but cannot find anything about it.

Click on the photo to reach their site.

April 29, 2020

About a year ago we had a long wait for a return flight from Houston, so we made a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts sight unseen. As luck would have it, were rewarded to the Vincent van Gogh: His Life in Art exhibit on perhaps its last day. It was a tad crowded, but manageable.

This is Portrait of a Man from 1888. I was drawn to the piece as the style looked....slightly different than his other works. It was an immaculate show, and one thing I liked were the con...

April 27, 2020

Pomona College Alumni Chris Burden created this installation around 2008 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art after collecting street lamps for around 8 years. There are 202 vintage street lamps (no replicas) assembled into this forest of lights. The piece has shown up in popular culture including a few movies and TV series.

Click on the photo for a link to the search function on the LACMA page. Plenty to choose from.

April 26, 2020

It looks like there is a variety of creatures represented with the masks displayed in this cabinet at the Museum of Anthropology on the campus of the University of British Columbia.  All I know is that it is a crazy extensive collection. For every one or two pieces you can see down here in Seattle, there are 6 -10 -who know 20 more displayed here. Certainly worth a visit anytime you're in Vancouver. I could spend days there.

Click on the phot to go to the museu...

April 26, 2020

Double Exposure was an exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum that juxtaposed vintage Edward Curtis images with artworks by contemporary Native American artists. Pretty cool that the had one of Curtis' personal view cameras in the display. Click on the photo to link to the Double Exposure exhibit.

April 24, 2020

Western Washington University has an awesome outdoor sculpture collection including this sizable di Survero classic. Installed in 1975, it originally had a platform hung below the intersection of the beams that would swing, but this feature was removed a few years later.

Click on the photo to go to the WWU site.

April 23, 2020

Found this beauty at the Nation Maritime Museum in Greenwich England while visiting for the Olympics. We were there during Seafair week so this was a close as I could come. the boat traveled to the US in 1933 to compete for the Harmsworth trophy, much like the America's Cup, but for powerboats.

Click on the photo for a link to the National Maritime Museum site

April 23, 2020

I had heard of Puryear but was not really that familiar with his work. I kind of consider him an artist's artist. I think that he was a fine selection for the event. These were extremely well crafted and very contemplative works for me

Click n the picture to go to the site dedicated to the Biennale exhibit

April 21, 2020

This M-21 Lockheed Blackbird was built for the CIA in 1964 and is on of the fastest airplanes assembles. This particular example has a drone attached to its back and is the last remaining example of this variant.

Click on the photo to go to the museum of flight site.

April 20, 2020

One of the first museums we visited on out Italy trip was the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice. We were rewarded with an exhibit of freshly cleaned́́́/restored Hieronymus Bosch panels and triptychs including the Saint Wilgefortis Triptych. All of the panels simply glowed. The work is sometimes referred to as The Crucifixion of St Julia as well.  Normally it is housed in the Palazzo Ducale, so I guess it was moved  nearby for its reveal.

Since it looks lik...

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