March 29, 2016

I picked up my remaining work last weekend, but fortunately my car was a little lighter as two pieces were sold.



March 23, 2016

I had a wonderful time at the Guardino Gallery on Saturday giving an artist talk with Dennis and Marcia. A pretty good turnout with a number of local artists was present.




March 16, 2016

I announced some time ago having a group show at the Mude Kerns Art Center in Eugen Oregon.  I now have some detals.  It is a 3 person show, sharing the space with Susan Rochester, & Brian Sostrom.  The Title Sponsors: Nancy Pobanz & David Wade.  Reception: Friday, July 22, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

March 9, 2016


Front and Center is progressing nicely.  The frame and elements are done.  I've decided to add some pressure valves to the piece.  I'll probably set this aside for a month or two to focus on building more pieces, then paint a bunch simulaneously.



March 8, 2016

The Portland Mercury has a nice "Things to Do" section on their website.  There is a nice announcement for the Guardino show.


Link: Portland Mercury

March 6, 2016

Cris Bruch's work hits the Frye this February and March. His work "Others Who Were Here" is inspired by his childhood  and family ties  in the eastern portion of Colorado.


As usual the Frye openig was great!



The great peice to the left is "Harrow"




















"Pent" seems to be inspired by some sort of cattle sorting fence system.




























Conservatory appears to be from farm houses and other related buildings.













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