December 27, 2015

My Artist Statement is getting a little stale and needs some work.  I've bben adding to it and editing.  I'm not quite sure if I'm done yet.  I'll need it by the first of the year.




Artist's Statement


The most enjoyable part of being an artist is the pure pleasure and fulfillment of creating precious objects. My best work combines the skills and techniques which I currently enjoy the most - m...

December 18, 2015


Another artist I've looked at and has influenced my work is the late Robert Helm.  I first became aware of his work in around 1988 or so.  I took a trip back east to Washington DC and visited many museums and galleries.  


When I toured the Hirshorn Museum I came across an exhibit title, "Different Drummers".  It was an exhibit of out of the mainstream artists.  Richard Saul and Luis Jimenez and Alfred Jensen were a few of the other artists incl...

December 11, 2015

One of my classmates from Claremont The Graduate University, David Kiddie is having his annual ceramics sale this weekend.  If your in the Orange area it is worth the trip!   David is a professor at Chapman University.   His website is at

December 10, 2015


The frame for Well and Good (Signal), one of my pieces in the and/or series has been just about completed.  I think I'll add a little moss and that should do it.  On to the trout and 737 airplanes.  It's been a bit difficult moving around the studio with this cast on!

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