September 29, 2015


I managed to get tickets to the Genius/Centry 21/Seattle opening at the Frye on Friday night.  What a turnout and show!


Rather than explain the concept for it, if you've never heard of it, check out the Frye website.  (  here is a paragraph from their website:


Genius is an unprecedented, large-scale celebration of exceptional multidisciplinary and collaborative artistic practice in Seattle in the twenty-first century. It features over...

September 25, 2015

September 25, 2015


Here is a fun piece from the Pacific Currents installation at the SAM.  It is titled: Breakfast Series and was completed in 2006 by Sonny Assu.


The pieces are digital prints wrapped around a fome-cor© box structure and feature cereal boxes that are inspired by Kelloggs/General Mills products, but have a saterical/sarcastic twist on the imagery and  theme.


The work is well crafted and convincing. Looking like they belong on the shelves of a local gro...

September 22, 2015


At our recent trip to the SAM, we visited some exhibits and areas that we've seemed to have missed in our recent visits.


This is Canoebreaker by Robert Davidson andI it is included in an exhibit entitled Pacific Currents.  Davidson's works are some of my favorites, and this is a landmark piece in his career as it interprets the northwest salish vocabulary in new and exiting ways! The white ovoid justaposed in the background sums up the whole concept. I find t...

September 21, 2015


​We had a free afternoon on Sunday and ventured to the Seattle Art Museum to see an exhibit about Samuel Morse. There had been an article in the Seattle Times about this unusual exhibit. Apparently Samuel Morse, the inventor of Morse code and the telegraph was a trained artist before his venture into this technology. He wished for everyday people, or at least as many people as possible in America to see the works of the great masters in the Louvre. To accompl...

September 19, 2015


All of the imagery is cut for Well and good.  There will be a plaque on the center cross member to be added.  Obviously the tail sections of two Boeing 737s are a bit of a departure from some of my normal constructions.  I look forward to finishing this.  Hopefully more to come soon!

September 11, 2015


I have started another piece titled "Well and Good".  Pretty rough still.  The upper panel is chain link, the lower will appear as river rock.  Lots of work to do and more to come.

September 6, 2015



I've made progress on the untitled piece.  First of all, at least part of the title will be Front and Center.  As you can see the panels on the doors of the piece include those words as well as an image of a great blue heron.

























A slightly out of focus cell phone shot gives the feel for what the surfaces look like.

September 5, 2015


I was reminiscing about my days in Southern California and thinking about some of the artists I had seen that had an influence on my work.


I first saw Okulick's work at "Professors Choice" a show at Montgomery Gallery at Pomona College.  Norm Hines then the sculpture professor at Pomona had invited him.  The piece to the left (from is very similar to the ones I saw way back in 1981.  The playfullness of the forced perspective in his pieces really...

September 3, 2015


I've continued to try new painting techniques.  On this particular salmon, a rnedition of a pink salmon or "humpy" I've added a lot more detail with the scales than in previous works.  I've been trying to rely on the airbrush less and paint with a brush much more, however, on this particular piec I devised a stencil application that does a pretty good rendition of fish scales. Pretty good for an early effort.  This was an extra fish I had laying around that I...

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