March 29, 2015

 The pieces are all cut out  and ready to go.  I'm still contimplating color schemes.  I'll probably get started painting this in the next week or so.  I do want to make quite a few "structures" and "elements" for other pieces so that I can stock pile them for the summer and spend most of my time painting them. I have a few "blank" structures and even a couple of alterpieces that are unfinished that I'd like to get going and complete,  I'm hoping for an extrem...

March 25, 2015

 I completed This or That yesterday.  It has a different style background than I usually use.  I like the effect.

March 23, 2015

I've been working on a few frames and while I finish This or That.  This one is titled "Case and Point".  I plan to create quite a few "blank" frames and cabinets and create the pieces to fit into them un-painted.  I hope to devote a few intense weeks to just painting and assembling them during the warm summer months.


March 20, 2015

A different style of background is added to this piece.



March 15, 2015

 I have added a couple of coats of both darker and lighter gray that was brushed on and dabbed with paper towels for a galvanized effect.  A gear will go into the upper section.  It has been primed gray and will looklike rusted iron.

 I've distressed the surface and added faint rusted areas.  This photo does not do this justice.  The piece really appears to be gavalized steel.  I'll airbush a few areas to add a bit more depth.


March 15, 2015

 This is with an initial coat of primer.  I put down a battleship gray gesso that I mixed up.

 I occassionally use enamel for metallic effects.  I shot a coat of Rustoleum silver/aluminum.


March 12, 2015


I posted a photo of another lathe project, this one a segmented vase made from walnut and maple.  I learned alot of problem solving from the project.  I thoguht it came out good.  It is arouund 10-11" tall and 7" or so in diameter.

March 10, 2015

Here are some photos to show the very preliminary steps of one of my pieces.  The top surface is a very high density fiber board tht is laminated to wood.  I'll skim coat the sides with bondo or perhaps a waterbased filler.  It is pretty rough now, but it will interesting to see it's progress.  I think that the surface will be painted as faux galvanized metal.


March 8, 2015


Here is the girabaldi fish ina close up.  A little more "painterly" tan some of my previous work.  The clear coat kind of sucked the darkish value out too much, but other than that, I'm fairly pleased with it.


I added a detail of the badges or plaques that are include in this piece so that you can see the texture and detail.

March 7, 2015

Here are some images of my slide duplicator.  I found that it worked best with my Canon G11 in its macro setting.

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