Austerity Completed

I recently finished this piece, titled Austerity. It is acrylic on wood and the cutthroat trout is behind a piece of textured stained glass. I've used stained glass like this before, but haven't completed a piece like this for some time. The dimensions are 1 1/2" x 10" x 10" and you can see details by visiting my store.

Summer Group Show at Lynn Hanson Gallery

I'm included in a 9-person group show at Lynn Hanson Gallery. Due to COVID-19 the gallery can be seen virtually online at or by appointment in the Gallery, Fridays and Saturdays between 12-5. Nine Artists, showing July 17-Aug 22.

Virtual Gallery Store is added to this site.

I thought it was time to add a store/purchase feature to this site as I get inquires about purchasing my work. It is just getting started with a few works listed, but I will update it as I have more time. Purchase are done through PayPal services. I hope to add a commissions and a custom framing page as well.

New Piece finally Finished

Accountable - Xa xalh Xechnging, 2020, Acrylic on Wood In the Summer of 2019, an editorial appeared in the Seattle Times by Lawrence Solomon a Lummi Nation council member. He revealed an allegory and incorporated some Lushootseed phrases about the gift of salmon to the native people only after they pledged their Xa xalh Xechnging (Sacred Obligation). The essay went on to speak of the plight of the resident qwe’lhol’mechen (orcas) and complex environmental and economic nature of the Salish sea. Concurrently, there was a new orca calf born to the resident J pod. It is apparent that these creatures inhabit the indigenous, western, and scientific realms. This relic addresses the orca’s struggle

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