2019 Venice Biennale - Report 2

If you're not familiar with the layout Venice Biennale, the are two main compounds; the Arsenal, literally and old expansive arsenal warehouse, and the Giardini, a park like setting where various countries have built their pavilions. There are also dozens of satellite venues throughout the city as well. Within the Giardini is a pavilion with not particular nationality exclusively represented, just a large number of invited artists for around the globe. I found this installation within this pavilion. Untitled by Mumbai-based Shilpa Gupta is a cast/wrought iron residential security gate installed with an automatic opening and closing mechanism. The result is a gate that swings back and forth s

2019 Venice Biennale - Report 1

It has been over a month since I've loaded anything onto this blog! I try to check in once a week or so. I've said before, that the blog feature of this site is as much as an art diary for me as anything else. Instagram has taken some of my attention away from updating as well. I've had a very busy June and July thus far - including a trip to Italy. I really did not know much about the event other than it happens every two years, and it is amongst the premier art events on the the planet. I really never considered that I would ever see it, so I was content at looking at the reviews and reports over the years and did not completely understand the format of the event. Swallowed Sun - 2019 - So

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