Pioneer Square April 2019 - Ginny Ruffner

Running late on this month's entries. Where does the time go? Anyway, another artist at Traver Gallery in April is/was Ginny Ruffer. Obviously she is an established glass artist in the region for some time. If you catch this post early enough you can still see it. This glass piece is titled, THE REAL REASON MORNING GLORIES CLIMB and is around 15" x 24" x 24". What I wanted to talk about the most, and like the about the exhibition, is the inclusion of some of the preliminary work executed before creating and assembling one of these pieces. Here is a watercolor rendition of the piece adjoining the piece in the gallery. I can't get enough of this kind of stuff! I really enjoy see the process

Pioneer Square April 2019 - Preston Singletary

Instragram seems to be taking up a lot of my digital art time, but I thought I'd try to make a few entries on a more consistent basis. This blog is as much an art diary for myself as anything. I made it down to Pioneer square this month and thought I post up a few of the highlights. The Illuminated Forest runs from April 4 - April 27 Preston Singletary has a stunning show at the Traver Gallery this month. It has been quite the honor to witness his growth over the decades. This example is Little Wing, blown and carved glass. I especially like the double layered glass on the wing. Black Raven, blown and carved glass was perhaps my favorite piece in the show. The contrast of the glossy and mat

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